Aurora and Vader Systems Announce Strategic Partnership

Vader Systems and Aurora Machine have entered an exclusive manufacturing partnership, with Rochester-based Aurora Machine manufacturing products for the East Amherst company.

Aurora is a contract manufacturer that makes precision machining, sheet metal fabrication, powder coating welding and assembly machines. Vader, located in East Amherst, is commercializing a patent pending, low-cost additive metal-printing technology.
Vader co-founder and President Scott Vader said that the machine base and motion control system will be manufactured by other partners. His company is targeting large scale manufacturers and original equipment manufacturers as customers, has been talking about its capabilities with Lockheed Martin and General Electric.

Aurora’s Jordan Kowalczyk anticipates that his firm could complete Vader’s first machine next year. Aurora will manufacture the non critical components of Vader’s products. These include designing the outer covers and brackets. The printer head will be manufactured by Vader, which is planning a Western New York area manufacturing facility.

Vader’s proprietary liquid molten jet printing process is an alternative to the sintered powdered metal process used to print 3-D parts. Vader’s liquid molten machine will be offered at one-third the price of current industry products and output products at twice the speed, according to the firm.

“Vader’s radical innovation will have a disruptive impact on the global metal manufacturing landscape, and it exciting to be a part of it,” said Aurora president Jonathan Amoia.

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