Aurora Machine and Vader Systems Highlighted by 3Ders

Back at the 2013 Maker Faire NYC, a young father-and-son led startup called Vader Systems introduced a never-before-seen liquid molten jet 3D printing technology that they named MagnetoJet Printing. Even in its prototype stage, industry players recognized the potential for this low-cost, high-volume metal 3D printing solution to disrupt the global metal manufacturing landscape as we know it, and have since been waiting for the company’s first 3D printer, the Mark 1, to reach the market. Now, Vader Systems has announced an exclusive manufacturing partnership with Rochester-based Aurora Machine to manufacture components for the final 3D printer, which is expected to be available as early as next year.

In order to get this highly promising machine into the market, New York-based Vader Systems is outsourcing some of the manufacturing to third party companies. Aurora Machine is a contract manufacturer that specializes in precision machining, sheet metal, fabrication, powder coating welding and assembly machines, and has been brought on to produce ‘non-critical’ components of Vader’s products. These include the outer covers and brackets. As for the ever-so-important printer head, Vader will be manufacturing it themselves in Western New York area manufacturing facility.

With the Mark 1 3D printer, the company is targeting large-scale manufacturers and original equipment manufacturers, with alleged talks with Lockheed Martin and General Electric underway. Due to an unexpected amount of interest in the pioneering technology, the company has ramped up efforts to manufacture their first batch of machines. They expect the initial production run (limited to just 20 machines) to be delivered in mid 2016, and are accepting development customers on a case-to-case basis.

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