Building a one-person flying car? There’s a whole lot we could do to help.

Hey, why not? Amazon is already experimenting with flying drones to deliver customers’ packages. We say it’s time to join the Jetsons and start compressing our commute times!

True, Aurora Machine hasn’t received any calls on this one just yet. But we thought a single-seat flying machine offered a fun example of everything we can do here. From Engineering to fabrication to welding. Machining to powder coating to assembly. Prototype to production.

In fact, we could very likely—and literally—build most of the parts you might need for a flying car. We love a challenge. And who wouldn’t love to take a spin? If you’re building something new, something breakthrough, something daring, and you need a partner who relishes a challenge, give us a call.

Or, well, simply drop in.

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