Precision machined, powder-coated parts for one of today’s most important technology hubs.

Aurora helped optimize a group of machined components that impact almost everyone, every day. Our telecom customer needed several cell tower parts—from the very tip that transmits the signal as we talk and text away, to the control box at the base of the tower. The box required precision machining, assembly and powder coating.

We solved the logistical nightmare of separate shops create blanks, do the machining, and powder coating. We offered a single, integrated solution in which we could complete all of the steps in house.

The result? The customer was ecstatic about consolidating vendors and reducing lead time. Plus, we significantly lowered the cost. After years of making the components, we put our engineering creativity to work and applied our prowess in streamlining the process.

Saving clients time, money, and hassle. It’s a big part of what we do.

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