Our Process

Aurora offers multiple capabilities to provide a complete beginning-to-end solution for your project. With a unique blend of proficiencies, our team designs the optimal manufacturing path according to your priority. Whether your focus is lead time, quality, or price, we will position our efforts accordingly.

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  1. 01 Engineering

    Using the latest software to enhance your part’s manufacturability, our team will work with you to optimize product performance, quality, and delivery. If needed, we can produce a 3D file that is manufacturable, while offering cost-saving suggestions and improvements. We often find opportunities to reduce lead times and production costs.

  2. 02 Programming

    With integrating automation and repeatability into our programming process, we have partnered with some of the world’s most advanced CAM software developers. Across all of Aurora’s departments, we seamlessly move your part from 3D design through hands on execution.

  3. 03 Laser Flat and 3D Shapes

    Aurora was an early adopter of Fiber Optic cutting technology and have learned how to make the most of the great speed and precision that only Fiber Optic offers. With recently acquiring the most advanced tube cutting laser, we can cut a variety of 3D shapes with industry leading speed and accuracy.

  4. 04 CNC Saw

    Every process step is dependent on the one before it, and that’s why our CNC automatic horizontal saw matters. Every cut is held within the tightest tolerances and delivers exacting consistency. Before your material hits one of our machining centers, it first is cut into machinable slugs on our saws.

  5. 05 Automated Forming

    Whether your part is processed through our new CNC 220 Ton Automatic Tool Changer Press Brake or one of our multi axis press brakes, you can count on your part being formed with thoughtful intention and detailed accuracy.

  6. 06 Welding

    Our growing top-tier customer base has enabled Aurora to develop one of the leading welding departments in our region. Let our certified welding team – complete with a Certified Welding Inspector (CWI) – MIG or TIG aluminum, stainless steel, or steel with the confidence of trusted certifications.


    • D1.1 GTAW/GMAW Structural Steel
    • D1.2 GTAW/GMAW Aluminum
    • D1.3 GTAW/GMAW Sheet Steel
    • D1.6 GTAW/GMAW Stainless Steel
  7. 07 Deburring & Grinding

    Each part is deburred to ensure proper edge preparation and removal of unwanted burrs. Whether it is stroke sanding, timesaving, utilizing hand tools or other grinders, we will make sure each part and feature is safe to handle and is delivered to spec.

  8. 08 Pretreat & Masking

    Our heated iron phosphate tank and two wash stations ensure parts are properly cleansed before we apply powder coat. This process removes contaminants, oils, grease, and coolants, along with adding two benefits: increased powder adhesion and increased corrosion protection. Does your part have masking requirements? No problem – our team can handle that too.

  9. 09 Powder Coating

    Whether it’s an entire car frame or a small bracket, know that our team has the ability and experience to finish your part with excellence. Geared with the most advanced sprayers, we can coat any color per your specification and final bake in one of our two large ovens.

  10. 10 Milling

    Powered with a fleet of vertical mills our machining team utilizes our 4th Axis capability to bring your parts to life.

  11. 11 Turning

    Utilizing high-precision lathes, we have 2-axis turning up to 10″ diameter with an 18″ swing. Our 12-station turret offers dynamic ability to utilize bar feed and chip conveyor interfaces – allowing us to get your parts out with great speed.

  12. 12 Assembly

    With electro-mechanical assembly in-house, we will bring all components together to deliver your completed system. Our team loves bringing a project together within our assembly department. With a flexibly designated work cell comprised of 6 stations, we are ready to put the final touches on your product.

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